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WWW.PEMBINATODAY.CA VOL. 29 NO. 49 PM 40064683 $ 1.25 includes PST & GST THURSDAY, DECEMBER 8, 2016 Paid Advertisement Advertisement See the 2017 schedule inside or sign up for a free custom calendar and for free text, email, or phone reminders at:


Morden residents have had an incredibly successful year, with the implementation of a three-stream curb side waste management system. Many of the targeted numbers have already been achieved to-date, and there are still three more weeks left in 2016! zone 3 zone 2 THE GOALS: projected that adding an organics recycling stream THE RESULTS: By the end of November 2016, Morden had already reached many of those targets with 810,060kg of organic materials processed at the Enviro Clean time last year. That is estimated at about 100 full truckloads that the MWM truck did not drive to the Compost by zone: Zone 2, the largest residential area, understandably January to November 2016. Zone 1 came in second January to November 2016, and Zone 3 followed January to November 2016. The Co-op Grocery Store pilot project managed organics in less than four months. Recycling: Morden residents have recycled a total the period of time from January to November 2016.

christmas tree pick up:

Live trees will be collected for wood chipping in January 2017. It is free to have your tree collected, but it must be placed at the curb by 7:00 a.m. on Monday, January 9th. City crews make only one pass for collection and do not return for additional pick up. ? You must clean all decorations from the tree. ? Trees in bags will not be collected. ? Do no put trees on the street. ? You can otherwise dispose of your tree for free and at any time you wish at the Willcocks Road Compost Yard. 2017 Three-streamWaste schedule inside. Christmas Tree Pick Up Week of January 9, 2017 zone 1 *This story was provided by (advertiser) for commercial purposes.

the fabric question: does it compost?

There has been some confusion about fabric materials, and for this frequently asked question:: ?Can this blanket/pair of socks/pillow go into the compost cart?? the correct answer is: It all depends on the label. Only Purely Natural Fabrics: Any fabric that is wholly derived from natural materials can be composted, except when it has been blended with synthetic fabrics. Natural fabrics are: cotton, bamboo, hemp, or wool, etc. Otherwise remembered as ?any fabric made from a plant or animal?. However, these days most natural fabrics are blended so only if the label of the fabric has any of the following indicators on it, is it able to go into the green cart: 100% Cotton 100% Wool (merino, angora, alpaca, etc.) 100% Bamboo 100% Hemp or, anything labelled ?100% compostable? If the label includes any other materials or the label is missing, don?t compost it. When in doubt, leave it out!

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